Fresh Fest 2006 Collective

September 3rd, 2006

Determined not to get ripped off, Salema Khanum soon formed a collective of people whom like herself, were very annoyed at the utter shambles that was called Fresh Festival 2006. If you’re not up to speed, check out the Rapnews coverage here and here. Heading the collective, Khanum kept on the case and through communications with the UK Trading Standards office, has found out information which should please the disappointed event audience.

Under act 44 of the trading standards bill, it states that advertising an event and not delivering it is a violation and criminal offence, one which Straight Music have clearly commited. As a result, the awful promotions outfit are now under investigation. Khanum was also informed that if anyone purchased tickets for the event via credit card and the bill was over £100, the credit card company are able to refund the value of your order as they are technically as liable as Straight Music.

Both Touch and Hiphop Connection magazines have shown interest in covering the situation so look out for that, and keep checking the news section here at Rapnews for any updates on the ongoing investigation. A big thanks goes out to the efforts of Salema who although was lucky enough to have paid by credit card, is continuing the good fight to get people’s cash back, much to everyone’s appreciation.