Fresh Fest’ 2006

May 6th, 2006

Fresh Fest

Promoters ‘Straight Music’ put on the worst hiphop ‘event’ of recent years. Here’s an open letter to the rip off merchants behind the shambles, whom are refusing to offer refunds.

Dear Sir/Madam,

To my delight at seeing the flyer for the event, I excitedly purchased my 25 pounds ticket + service and postage charge, for last night’s Fresh Fest 06 event at Carling Academy Brixton. To my horror, the night turned out to be far from what was advertised, and I write to voice my utter disappointment.

As did everyone else in attendance, I strongly anticipated a substantial number of performances which never happened. Big Daddy Kane was the main crowd puller, followed closely by Doug E Fresh, Rob Base and EZ Rock. None of these artists appeared. Furthermore, the flyer stated that there would be graffiti presentations and break dancing. There was no graffiti in sight and the only break dancing seen was that of paying audience members invited on stage. There was no UK warm up support as promised. There was no MC Showcases as promised. There was no battles as promised. There was no beat boxers as promised.

The few artists that actually showed suffered greatly by a poor quality of sound in the venue, and chaotic stage management which required the audience to wait through extremely dull and long lengths of time in between acts which turned out to be short.

The little known DJ who performed between these acts did nothing to make up for the wait, and his choice of records were appalling considering that the event was marketed as a celebration of hiphop history, yet he played songs by a 2003 album by hiphop group Outkast.

Within seconds of the audience voicing their displeasure of proceedings, Biz Markie appeared on stage. It’s a mystery why he couldn’t have performed a little closer to the 9 o’clock starting time, rather than four hours later.

Finally, the fact that the MC of the event, which was barely an MC - rarely talking to the audience and letting people know what was going on – told the crowd that De La Soul were going to show up when they actually didn’t, was the icing on the cake of an extremely bitter taste.

Since the shambles, it has become clear that Big Daddy Kane was due to perform at an earlier event in the UK the night before. He didn’t. The venue and promoters must surely have been aware of this and it was their responsibility to inform the crowd of this.

There was no verbal mention of this from the stage, nor printed information around the venue, which is the norm’ for all other venues/events under similar circumstances. I assume the crowd weren’t informed so that they’d stick around buying the venue’s over-priced alcohol.

I feel it is the duty of those involved in the organisation of the event to offer a refund to everybody in attendance, if they have a drop of morality in their being. Over an extensive period of time being a hiphop fan and a crowd participant at many events and performances, I conclude that this is the loudest example of false advertising and the biggest let down in recent times.

I look forward to finally hearing what those involved have to say on the matter, and what steps will now be put in place to compensate the audience. Having received no reply from your e-mail address and having had no joy like many in resolving the matter through calling your phone number 02073764456 and feeling quite sure I’ll receive no response from your postal address: Gus, Straight Music, 2 Munro Terrace, London SW10 0DL, you can understand that tempers are getting quite high.

9 Responses to “Fresh Fest’ 2006”

  1. Maniphest Says:

    An excellent summary – the night was a shambles. Good to see Biz and Shante togehter on stage albeit for a brief moment and to hear Lords perform Psycho live was another highlight amongst lowlights. My only regret is that I didnt throw a bottle at the stage during the night. 279 started the night correctly with some classic joints but the other Outkast playing guy was a punk who jumped up to get ….....

  2. dan fluent Says:

    word up .

    i cant get that link u sent me tee – but i am goin to add my support i have also contacted watchdog to investigate this shambles..

  3. veteran Says:

    I can not get over the fact that promoters are still ripping people off in the UK. I suggest we all pay more attention to who is promoting these gigs. Mean Fiddler, backed out of these renegade promotions since the busta rhymes debacle at the Forum many years ago and now strictly use smaller venues or established promoters.

    A warning to all, if Wu Tang come over make sure its a reputable venue and if possible get your tickets on the door, check the media for appearances a few days before. As to my knowledge they have never all been over and played as a crew.

  4. DJ SAM SEED Says:

    Anyone remember when they left the fucking Outkast CD on and the whole crowd started throwing bottles before Biz came on??

    As for Straight I spoke to them…

    Guss is the guy to hassle (forget Shelly he is higher up than her), they say that coz the event went ahead no refunds can be given…

    Guss also claimed Edro was a areplacement for Kane and Shan (recon he was gonna perform anyway >LAME and CHEAP replacement if so…).

    I also pointed out that there was no UK support acts >they claimed this wasn’t true BULLSHIT..

    Basically they weren’t having any of it and were lieing to me so thay could sit on £25,000 of ticket sales! £25,000!!

    Their latest guff is that they are all meeting on the 25th of May to figure out what to do and try to get kane over for another gig BUT no mention of what that means to use in terms of ticket exchange and def no refund either way

    I got their address, I suggest we get a load of us togethr and all go see them in person on a specific day – I was gonna do it the other day but didn’ have time >if they mug us off lets damage their property to the same value of our tickets i.e graf the fuck out of the place!!

    I’m gonna make sure I NEVER go to another of their gigs

  5. Tee Says:

    There’s been tons of gigs in the past that have offered refunds even though an event of some shape went ahead. EG last summer’s Lauryn Hill concert. People complained that she was shit, and got a refund. If such a trivial moan like that can merit refunds, then the utter rip off which Fresh Fest was surely can.

    Did you ask him to tell you what UK support acts which he believed performed were there? Dude could atleast get his BS in some kind of order. Atleast try giving us a half believable lie. We were all there. We all know what we did and didn’t see.

    I wouldn’t waste my energy, money or spray paint fucking up their address. That’s not gonna get our tickets refunded and we’ll end up in shit. I’m sure there must be some sort of trading standards department which deals wil events/performances as opposed to out of date biscuits or crunchie chocolate bars which aren’t crunchy. I’ll have a look around and see what I can find.

    It might be worth approaching some relevant music magazines and seeing if they can run a news report of some kind. Me and my mate are gutted and 60 quid is a lot to some people. Some people that aren’t sitting on 25,000 quid of unlawful money.

    Don’t let this fade away people. That’s probably what that Gus guy is hoping will happen. Maintain your anger, because nothing has changed until we’re give our cash back.

  6. Coherent Says:

    I was mighty pissed off that I didn’t go to this jam as I was playing a gig on that very day.

    Now it seems that I got off lightly.

    Promoters like this really need to be strung up and beaten to a pulp for not informing of the line up change of for not giving refunds. So they got burnt and so it appears did the crowd.

  7. mister ree Says:

    The biggest let down for a fucking longtime.. well since that massive uk weekender event at the arches a few years back when the promoter legged it with the dough.. I just hope these people enjoy the money a bit too much and do a daniellla westbrook or worse..
    big up tee for not holding back man

  8. Salema Khanum Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m so glad to see that so many of you felt as i did and still do about the fresh fest event. I have to vent right now, as I’ve just spoken to Shelley about getting reimbursement for the event of which they offered a free ticket to see Roots in December, however when i called up last month Shelley informed me that my name wasn’t on their mailing list so i couldn’t get a ticket, anyway i told her that i called the following monday after the gig and that they should have my name somewhere to which she kept protesting saying she didn’t. So in true Bengal Tiger style (yes, to those who don’t know me my roots are from Bangladesh) i called Consumer Direct, a government consumer rights group that deals with issues like this, and they informed me that due to the fact that they advertised activities/acts that didn’t appear i was eligible under the consumer righst act to a full refund. Feeling smugly content that i as the consumer had an eligible case against Straight Music i e-mailed shelley informing her of my rights, she never resposnded so i’ve just called her and the woman slammed the phone down on me! How she ever got a job working for a music promotion company i just don’t know. Anyway, i called back and was told by another worker to call Gus back on Thursday which i definitley will do. Anyway, i don’t know if any of guys out there are still reeling in disappointment about this but if so, how do you all fancy making a claim against the company in a small claims court? Or better still, as DJ Sam Seed suggests lets all protest outside their offices until we get the momey back? I am not going to sit back and let these cowboys get away with treating me like crap, if the western world gives us one thing, it gives us rights as consumers and i intend to use them to the max on this case!

  9. B-PIFF Says: