Terra Firma- The Foundation

November 13th, 2006

The long wait is over and after numerous crew cuts on solo releases from individual members of the squad, fans can finally get their teeth into the first official offering of Terra Firma. Pick a subject of your choice, imagine your dream team in the field and think about how great they’d be. This is what you get here, with the combined talents of Kyza, Klashnekoff, Skriblah, D.Ablo, Sparrow and Diamond Ruff.

Amongst many highlights of the mighty 26 track mix CD are ‘2006 Rollaball Rhythm’, ‘Git Down’, ‘New Era’ and ‘Firma 4 Life’. Beats are contributed by Beat Butcha, LG, Ma 1 and Martin, whilst DJ Skully handles the mix down in tight fashion. Everyone involved is consistently on point as you’d expect. Kyza is always remarkable to listen to whilst Skriblah is also now established as an important MC in his own right. It’s great to hear some fresh Klashnekoff solo tracks and singer D.Ablo’s vocals are as smooth as it gets.

It’s very rare to find such a wealth of talent in one particular organic rap group and to think this is very much the beginning raises the excitement levels through the roof. Fingers crossed that the Firma keep on in this direction and stay focused, and they’ll be sure to deliver content both as a group and as solo artists, as special as what we have here, one of UK hiphop’s strongest mix CDs, period.

6 Responses to “Terra Firma- The Foundation”

  1. bruva bray Says:

    I’ve got it, people who haven’t got it, GET IT! Stacked with great sound and relentless talent.

  2. J Says:

    Toooo Much
    Biggest mixtape on road
    skriblah, kyza and K – lash Kill it

  3. JITEN Says:

    Got it to, great album worth every penny re

  4. chris l Says:

    needs copping
    although dont expect much from firma now kyzas left

  5. chris 2 Says:

    sick mixtape bluddy brilliant dont av it then get it every track is pure fire

  6. Brizzle Dave Says:

    Boom Album!