Happy Birthday Skinny

November 6th, 2006

Skinnyman Birthday Bash

Skinnyman Birthday Bash

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Skinny”

  1. Gentle Ben Says:

    Cant believe Skinnyman has his kid playin on the bill now? Skinny couldnt play in our town cos he bought his kid along, is this his way around it?? lol

  2. Rhyz Says:

    Looks ill…wish it was more local…

  3. paddy Schwab Says:

    big up skinny!
    looking 4ward to ur show in bern on the 10th of november!
    uk rap is great!

  4. Lacon Says:

    wonder what age the big mans hitting?

  5. myspace.com/frigsta Says:

    Appy Birfdee fella! You say what the rich can’t hide. keep it real and live long. Much respect due. Frig on!

  6. reeno reignz Says:

    Happy birthday to the man like skinny for the other week,the uks finest! Just waiting on the next album or something, mansishungry for some new skinnyman!