November 2nd, 2006


Introducing one of the most exciting artists in Grime. His t-shirts, rapping and producing is sick, so we caught up with him to talk about the usual stuff and his highly anticipated new mixtapes!

What’s up JME, how’s it going?

Everything’s goin’ fine and dandy. Wassup.

Drop the newbies an introduction.

Right. I’m Jme, Jamie Adenuga. I’m your average London boy. I love music more than life itself and I’m still in full time education so I’m just trying to juggle the two.

Where are you and how healthy is your music scene?

I hail from the streets of London and my music scene is as healthy as it has ever been. The grime scene. Mixtapes are being released every month. The money is starting to roll in, finally.

Taking it back, what artists and records have influenced ya?

The vinyls are anything by Wookie. Anything by DPR, GrooveChronicles, DJ Deekline. Erm… you know, them garage tunes with life to them, and not forgetting Shy FX. Geez and all the UK independent artists that have ever touched radio. They are my inspiration.

Run us by your releases and the best example of your music

My key releases are Boy Better Know editions one to four and the track that best shows grime would be ‘Serious’.

Most of your stuff is topical instead of beef. Should people follow suit?

Everyone should just do what comes natural to them and stop acting. Some people make beef tracks because they are really in that world, whereas some people make beef tracks and thay have never had a fight.

How tuff is juggling music and uni?

It is very very tuff, but if I can do it, anyone can. I’m not super. People just need to take time out and think to themselves about what they want to do.

So the new CDs. Can you give us a run down of the new 12” and EP, plus that sick double CD pack?

Hahaha erm, yeh. The 12” is the ‘Badderman’ EP. It’s just instrumentals from the mixtapes. You musn’t forget to put out vinyl. Then I have a tropical EP to hit next, and the double CD pack, editions three & four. Then after that, ima hit ‘em with the ‘Bare Quick’ EP. I’m just making sure we go into 2007 with so much music behind us. The grime scene hasn’t got enough tunes in it. It’s so fresh.

How long’s it all taken and what’s the official release dates?

It’s been in the making since August and the release date for the CD double pack will be November the 13th. The vinyl will be out shortly after, even though they’re ready already.


Are you aiming to reach certain sales figures or levels of exposure?

Nope. People that love music will buy. That’s all I care about. If I was rich enough, I’d give it out for free.

You’re doing real well independantly. Is a major label deal something you’ve thought about getting?

Nah, I’m OK man. I just need a serious car, and that’s me. Other than that, I’m OK.

Have many labels approached you about doing something together?

I get approached all the time like a naked girl in a night club, but I just work with them. There’s no need to sign as of yet.

What equipment do you make beats with and what was your inspiration to go the tropical route?

I make my beats on Soundforge 9, hahaha. Nah, I use everything. Every program ever created. And Tropical was just a joke at first. Now it’s a music.

How big an advantage does being a rapper bring to the table when making beats?

I don’t even think about it, but if I couldn’t do both I’d be pissed! But yeah, it’s just natural to me. If I sat and thought about these things, I’d have no time to make the beat.

Wasn’t it originally gonna be a summer release?

It was gonna be a summer release but stuff happened and I had to extend my stay in Ayia Napa, so I wasn’t back in time.

What else is Boy Better Know dropping? Are we really gonna get that many Tunnel Vision CDs?

Boy Better Know is all of us, so for Tunnel Vision info, you will have to speak to Wiley. I only know what is on them when he gives me the track listing to do the artwork.

Are you on the look out for new artists to sign?

I’m not signing anybody… It’s just us.

How much do you know about UK rap and what artists do you like

Erm… Rap… I just like K-lash and Sway. They’re the only two.

Is it something you’re gonna give more time to, ‘cause you’re one of few grime mc’s that could cater for both crowds.

Definitely. I just do music man. Rap or whatever. There isn’t a ‘rap’ button on my keyboard. It is what it is.

Music, design and video aside, what other creative avenues are you into? Novels or film?

I’m gonna do a lot. Trust me. Once I finish uni, it’s gonna be Jme world here in London.

Everyone loves your Myspace blog but what are your own favourite blogs and websites?

Hyperfrank, Prancehall, Chantelle Fiddy.

Is online presence essential to build fanbases and sell product?

Nope, but it helps. People want to access your music but they don’t always know where to look.

Got anything you wanna plug to round this up with?

Yep. Vote For me.

Check the JME Myspace for heavy tunes, videos and loads more.

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  1. aaron Says:

    big up jme doing the music and uni probley the biggest role model in the scene

  2. EEEEE Says:

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  3. qwerty Says:

    its all good

  4. Lacon Says:

    where can the boy better know t shirts be bought??

  5. chinashoptaurus Says:

    big up jme, london with you brah

  6. k1dtw1st Says:

    jme…...topboy do wat u do im gona be in the same boat in couple of respect

  7. aka bernard de dosty Says:

    i think is good to join gangs

  8. Big ant Says:

    jme man u bangin it bruv i cnt find ur song “crazy”on da tropical EP anywhere man where can i get it?

  9. cj Says:

    big up man ur blazin trow the grime bizness keep up the good work. big up ur bruv skepta boi better know is bangin on the streetz

  10. mercedes Says:

    i neva lyked da whole grime thang b4!! but wen i saw yo video on mtv i got all crzyyyyy!!u jus changed ma mind abt grime n blive me im nw obsessed wit everythin u do!! i luvvvv u JME!! keep doin yo thang iight!!coz u excellent @ it!!

  11. SaM! Says:

    Yer skepta and JME R big on the grime scene for real…

  12. serious girl Says:

    o mi daizzzzzzz how choong is jme??? not 2 mention hiz barz r 2 grimey 4 da grime scene but wow dis brer iz amazingggg…SERIOUS…..dis boi man wit his beatz wit wiley n skepta wow. 1 sik brer alie???

  13. Jamie Says:

    Rahh jme is sik

  14. Me Emma;; Says:

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    reppin e5

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    Lady MJ

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