Ralph Rip Shit

October 29th, 2006

Ralph Rip Shit

Fans of Associated Minds since day one, we wet our pants on hearing that this guy was dropping a solo release. We made sure we sent questions his way, to ask about the track and loads more.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Ralph Rip Shit and I’m a sexual deviant.

How long have you been rapping and who would you say is your rap idol?

I’ve been rapping for a solid length of time. As for an idol, I’d say I’m like everybody else, in that it changes everytime I buy a new CD! So, this week I am mostly loving off the Sir Smurf Little LP which to me is sounding like the most complete LP I’ve heard. I read somewhere that Busta told Rza that after listening to Raekwon ‘Only Built For Cuban Linx’ he knew how to make an album. When I see Conspicuous I will tell him that same shit about Smurf.

Skool the newbies on what projects you’ve been involved with so far.

I’ve been a Breakneck so far and we’ve put out three releases, two of which are rare and shit and one is known to the mukkas and mukkarettes as ‘Music For Bachelors’ which is still available from Associatedminds.com/store. Buy it.

Your free mix CD was all over the place. How much did flooding the scene with it help you to raise your profile?

I don’t think we hammered it enough. There are a few hundered in circulation but that’s not enough. I like to have a few thousand going round, then I can start thinking ‘Right, I’m building a big base’. As it goes, I’m still building but just one brick at a time. I think after I saw Sway’s first CD about I got jumpy and rushed to get one done. I must have thought if I did the same type of shit I’d be on my way. No. But fuck that, I think the biggest thing I’ve been on is Excalibah’s ‘UK Dubstate’ mixtape. I’m very proud to be involved with that and fucking delerious that he opened the CD with my dub. Hardly suprising though really, as it is one of the best on there. Big up to Ex for that.

How do you feel the ‘Music For Batchelors’ album was received and have you future plans for a follow up?

As far as I’m concerned, The Breaknecks are gone. Me and Barny are still cool but I don’t think he has any plans to make beats again and I’m developing my own style which is removed from that Breakneck sound. ‘Music For Bachelors’ was an enjoyable record to make and I hope when people listen to it they get that from it. Plus, it had a good run of press and radio. Overall, I’m very proud of it because it is a complete package and has that freshness that is needed.

Ralph Rip Shit

Do you feel any pressure to marry so you can keep continuety and call the next LP ‘Music For Husbands’?

I want to marry and have a chubby kid called Barry.

How shit did you just find that shit question?

Not very because I just answered it, you slag.

You’ve got your first release of your own out now. Tell us about the 12” and what listeners can expect to hear.

‘The Best Name’ 12” is just perfect hiphop music from beginning to end.

Looking over your record collection, what’d you say is the greatest debut hiphop 12” of all time?

I don’t own any 12’s. I’m a CD baby so I’m talking albums here. I’d say Heltah Skeltah’s ‘Nocturnal’ shit was dark. Ruck was smooth and slick and Rock was straight murda.

The artwork for ‘The Best Name’ is pretty colourful. Who are all those people and who’s idea was it?

Being a poet laureate is a tough gig. I don’t know more than 10 men. So I had to go to the Mayor and request his assistance on this. Him being him was able to double that number and the rest were unaware that we were actually filming. I am the ideas man so I’m going to take full credit for this but it wouldnt be nothing, nothing! without Southpaw Vision.

About that name, what is the most impressive shit you’ve ever ripped?

Listen to the lyrics on ‘The Best Name’. I mean, I’m 7 foot. When me shit, me shit big. I rarely leave a toilet clear for the next man.

Ralph Rip Shit

Have you got an album in the works and what producers, guests, tracks etc etc can you tell us about so far?

I’m exercising my rights to speak to the Gods on this. They will advise me on the correct path to take and I shall go. When they do I will let you know.

The label seems like the best home a UK rapper could ask for. Is it so, or does Mayor bully you all silly?

Associated Minds is king. We are building our name slowly and surely through hard work and skill. We are going to become a power house that will crush anybody who doesn’t fall in.

What’s the greatest thing in UK hiphop that you’ve heard this year and what beat makers and MC’s do u wanna work with?

The greatest thing in UK hiphop this year that I’ve heard is Skamma’s (Quiet Poison) verse on ‘Operation Wolf’ off the Quiet Poison mixtape currently avaiable through our store. There isn’t a better crew out now than them boys. I want to work with Bronze Nazareth. I want him to make me an LP’s worth of beats so I can wank myself to sleep listening to them, happy in the knowledge that they are mine!

I’ve heard the AM live shows are becoming increasingly special. Whats your most enjoyable gig to date?

My most enjoyable gig to date was at the Higher Learning in Cardiff last month. It was the launch of my 12” so I was bouncing, plus we smashed the shit out of it. I always enjoy playing Cardiff because it’s where we cut our teeth. Shouts and love to Brothers Grimm for providing a stage for everybody to develop on in Cardiff.

Are you doing any dates in aid of your new release, and what might they be?

For dates of upcoming shows go to www.myspace.com/associatedminds. We’ve got a gig in Cardiff supporting Kool Keith in December so if you’re about come down to that. It will be intense.

Have you got any shout out’s, plugs or advice for pregnant teenagers?

Shouts to my AM fam, Quiet Poison, Blaktrix, Humurak D Gritty, SFDB, Out The Box Records, Mullato, Undecorated Veterans and all the other crews, emcees, b-boys, graff’ artists and people who come out and show love in Cardiff and Swansea. Shouts to The Colony too for making serious moves. No advice for pregnant teens this time folks, as pregnacy is not a joke. I hope to nuture a child out of my woman’s interior one day and do not wish to tempt fate.

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