DJ Wonder- Welcome To Wonderland

October 25th, 2006

Strong, well structured albums don’t come along too often in the sectors of Grime and Dubstep music, so it’s really refreshing to hear this fourteen track, long awaited debut album from a founding member of the Roll Deep crew and a support of previous Dizzee Rascal tours. The material here is extremely enjoyable, providing a wide variety of styles and sick guest appearances. Everything flows really well and the mixture of vocal based tracks and instrumentals sit comfortably besides each other.

Things kick off with the 2002 Dubplate ‘GodsGift’ before launching into a really nice piece of Dubstep, the instrumental ‘Chi Flute’. This is a filling slice of deep bass soaked atmosphere with a classic Eastern twist. ‘What Have You Done’ features Kano in catchy chorus mode whilst Virus Syndicate lend their voices on the stripped down to dark ‘Can’t Stand It’.

Take him or leave him MC Bruza, does his thing on ‘Shout’, a topic driven tune about relationships. Nio is a turn up for the books on ‘Best Foot Forward’, an impressively pieced together track laced with very worthy singing. ‘Take Two’ is a slow starting instrumental but busy on the ear once its samples, strong drums and fat bass squirts kick in whilst Sway drops his distinctive style and sound throughout ‘Call My Name’, a beat of pitched up vocals and well programmed drums. The song’s heavy, although of one line which doesn’t ring so true in light of this album at least. ‘British Hiphop all sounds the same’ is a notion the DJ’s done Wonders to break down. (See what I did there, ho ho).

All in all, this is one of the most consistent albums in this field to date and quite easily a blueprint in how to deliver a well thought out, entertaining and satisfying LP of the Grime/Dubstep orientation. It’s a showcase of the innovative creations happening in UK music, a showcase of many exciting and talented vocalists, and very much worth your money.