Xzibit- Full Circle

October 23rd, 2006

How Xzibit has managed to create another album within the space of a year is incredible. Whilst appearing in “Pimp My Ride” and appearing in various films such as the new “Gridiron Gang”, the West-Coast rapper has still managed to put together an album to add to the long-list of LP’s already released. “Full Circle” Xzibits music career has hit the very high’s and low’s of any artists existance. The first two albums moved less than 200,000 copies, then the arrival of Dr. Dre helped produced “Restless”, which is considered X’s best album to date. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” hit the 300,000 mark, so “Full Circle” is set to be a big hit.

The album starts with “Invade My Space” which features Jelly Roll. The main contributor of the album can be faulted for occassionally effortless production, however that is the only low point of the entire album. “Rollin” and “Black and Brown” both feature Jelly Roll, and the outcome of both tracks are superb. Xzibit doesnt fail to deliver with the lyrics, as the following quote is taken from “Black and Brown”

“Now I didn’t come here to point no fingers/
I know over the years that the pain still lingers/
Over past confrontations/
Shit, we all on parole or probation, and fucked up situations”

The album only gets better, with tracks such as “Ram Part Division”. The DJ-Clue produced track displays Xzibit talking from a Policeman’s point of view. The track displays very vivid-imagery, over an heavy and addictive beat. The uniqueness of the track highlights Xzibit’s creativity, and is certaintly a refreshing sound. Xzibit gets deep on the track “Thank You”. Talking about the loves of his life, X to the Z appriciates the people around him and beautifully signs out the album with this tribute track. A familiar sound to “Sorry Im Away So Much”, only Xzibit has shown the development in his writing.

Xzibit’s “On Bail” features “The Game”, “Daz”, and “Q-Tip”, who all make a good contribution to the album. Other collaberations and features include the likes of “Kurupt”, “Don Blaze”, “DJ Quik” and “King T”. The usual suspects of Eminem and Dr. Dre don’t feature on this album, which is quite clear in the production, as that is what this album clearly lacks.

Quite a solid album from Xzibit was overdue, “Full Circle” nearly meets the expectations by the fans. Xzibits delivery and lyricism is, as always, perfected to the mans style. However the guest appearances and final product is somewhat unfinished, and lacks the class that a rapper of Xzibit’s calibure deserves. With that being said, tracks such as “Ram Part Division” and “Thank You” show Xzibit still has what it takes to deliver a quaility track. “Full Circle” doesnt match up to Xzibit’s “Restless”, and i feel fans wont be happy until Xzibit releases an album that does.

Star tracks – “Ram Part Division” and “Thank You”