Plan B- Live At The Pet Cemetery

October 21st, 2006

It’s funny that Plan B should criticise mainstream music taste to the extent he does on this release’s closing track ‘My Life’, because for all the ‘Yo Bro’ adlibs on this three song product, his efforts amount to nothing more than contrived, forced and unbelievable tripe, perfect for a press release writer to get her teeth into, but way too planned out for any genuine, lasting impact to be made on the record buying public.

Sure, Mr B can rap well and the music’s of high quality production and well formed structure, but the lyrical content is simply lacking. As dull and predictable as a typical UK hiphop artist is, they’re at least honestly painting out their boring way of life with a relevant and believable persona. This guy isn’t, whether aiming for the story teller or ‘I’m an actor’ slant or actually claiming to be the life behind the material’s narration. Justification of 679’s militant promo campaign for this lad, if it’s ever to materialise at all, is some way off.

One Response to “Plan B- Live At The Pet Cemetery”

  1. sfdh Says:

    melodramatic pussy cunt. aint real UK