Manage- (Live) In Protest

October 15th, 2006

‘(Live) In Protest’ is executively produced by Chemo, who’s previously worked with the likes of Kyza, Jehst, Skinnyman and many more. The album features guest spots by Skinnyman, Foreign Beggars, Doc Brown and a wealth of other UK heavyweights, and throughout the sixteen tracks, Manage drops lesson after lesson, through well executed verses that consistently provide food for thought. A lot of UK rappers dabble in politics, but it’s Manage who does so in the greatest fashion, with an awareness seemingly far greater than many ‘Fuck George Bush’ rappers.

Every track has a strong theme, from ‘The Game’ featuring Conflix and The Antiheroes, which deals with the hiphop scene, to ‘Riot’ which references various social issues. Produced by Danny Blendz, ‘Speakers Corner’ named after the incredible live London event, features a wealth of talent including Shameless, Lowkey, Doc Brown, Orifice Vulgatron and Skinny. It couldn’t be more of an anthem if it tried. ‘Mics 4 Life’ features Syanyde, Reveal and CLG and is a really hard underground track. ‘Right Here’ and ‘Rise Up’ sees Manage go it alone, and prove that he doesn’t need guest features to make an entertaining and heavy song.

2 Responses to “Manage- (Live) In Protest”

  1. ADROIT Says:

    sick album.

  2. D Breakneck Says:


    Many very heavy beats & holds together very well as an album.

    1 of the very best UK albums I’ve ever heard…