Akira The Don- When We Were Young

October 13th, 2006

You may have heard of Akira The Don when he got signed by Interscope and had lots and lots written about him. Or, you’ve took a break from browsing porn and come across his many freely downloadable mix CDs. Well basically, Interscope loved the album he made but weren’t clever or brave enough to release it, so Something In Construction stepped in and here I am, playing the CD with my feet up on a quiet Friday evening. I’ve just read the brilliant comic strip that came with the CD rather than a typically awful press release and I’m up to track seven.

So far it’s been bloody great. ‘Liverpool’ is a story telling number with heavy production whilst ‘Oh! What A Glorious Thing’ (also the lead single) is as good as you get in terms of feel good music. ‘Bankers’ is what PR drips would refer to as Akira’s ‘politically conscious, working class perspective’ number whilst ‘AIDS’ is the best pop song about the disease, ever.

Since tapping away at this, the other songs have played. Yes, I’m a slow typist. ‘London’ is a dark and gripping tune and ‘Back In The Day’ is a sweet slice of memory pie with one killer of a piano based beat. ‘1234567’ is potentially an anthem and ‘Dead Babies’ is of a haunting piano which Akira laces with deep verses that’ll keep you gripped to the end.

‘Hypocrite’ concludes the ‘journeeeey maaaan’ in the same fashion the whole LP is dressed in – one of ripped jeans, tight t-shirts, rugged sneakers and ironed underwear. That’s right, with my great metaphorical skill, I’ve just told you this is a diverse, exciting and unique debut album. Don’t settle for something that’s been done a zillion times before. Buy Akira The Don, on all good stereos soon.

2 Responses to “Akira The Don- When We Were Young”

  1. DJ CityScape Says:

    akira the don is the best rapper/producer you’ve never heard of.

  2. Dodge Says:

    atd is a bad mofo. this lp will blow your minds, guaranteed.