Rapnews Podcast 3

October 4th, 2006

Rapnews Podcasts

Doc Jnr and Reality? return with the third offering of Rapnews Podcasts. Fresh from their 1Xtra shows, the guys are on form, dropping heavy tunes including Terra Firma & L Braintax!

Ladies and gentleman, here it is. Number three in the much downloaded Podcast series. Right click and select ‘Save As’ or subscribe to the RSS feed on the front page.

This time round Doc Jnr mixes and Reality? hosts another sick collection of tunes, from the mightly Terra Firma and UK hiphop underground heads Mr Ti2bs and Conflix, to exciting newcomers Marvin The Martian and L Dot Man. Not to mention the limited release D90 by UKHH Icon Braintax. Be sure to have a butchers at their various websites with the links below while you’re downloading this goodness.

Tracklisting and info:

Terra Firma — War
Conflix, Last Skeptik, Verb T, Baron Samedi, Syanyde, Grimlok – Vision
DJ IQ & Foreign Beggars – Welcome To The Circus
Marvin The Martian – Reymell
Mr Ti2bs – Keep It Moving
2 Aggi Ent – Hope U Ready
L Dot Man – Clowns In The Circus

Once again, a huge thanks to Doc Jnr and Reality? for delivering the goods, and all the artists/labels that contributed tracks this time round. If you’d like to get involved in a future Rapnews Podcast, drop us a line to editorial@rapnews.co.uk and we’ll be in touch. If you haven’t yet checked them out, listen to the first and second episodes of the series. Until next time, be easy!

3 Responses to “Rapnews Podcast 3”

  1. Rhyz Says:

    Feels like a long time since no.2 was out….feeling the Braintax, Terra Firma and L Dot Man…props on this..

  2. Ejectorseat Says:

    heavy podcast

  3. Simi Says:

    how can i get holod of the podcast i tryd gettin the fist one couldnt figure it out