Explicit- Directionz

July 28th, 2004

‘Directionz’ EP by Explicit is an eight track release from a young, focused and talented duo which in all honesty, is one of the most enjoyable promo’s I’ve ever been sent. Everything is as professional as a lot of established acts and their products, from the packaging, to production and lyrics. None of the beats are boring and the North East accents never tire. The tracks are well thought out and successfully executed. Stand out moments are the title track ‘Directionz’ where moving vocals seek directions and question God ‘trying to save the world, I think it was made wrong’ also ‘State of Mind’ for its punch line after punch line including ‘dropping lyrics like rain’ and ‘off my head like Tizer’ and track eight ‘Slaves’ which is of a cinematic atmosphere filled with food for thought and introspective penmanship. As time goes on and the promising act works on more subject matter based concepts rather than battle type tracks, they’re certainly going to get big. With hooks like that of ‘Smakten Town’, the variety of flows including the fast paced bars of ‘Northern Sar’Kazm’ and the incorporation of intelligent ideas with good vocabulary, what more could you want from a debut EP?

One Response to “Explicit- Directionz”

  1. ash Says:

    were can i buy the album??