2006 Urban Music Awards

October 4th, 2006

The nominations for the 2006 Urban Music Awards have been announced, and as predicted, contain some very suspect choices. It’s not all as disastrous as the pitiful MOBO Awards, but there’s still some very iffy decisions. The strange thing is, it’s claimed that the nominations are defined by public suggestion, but some things just don’t add up.

For instance, Big Brovaz have been nominated as Most Inspiring Act of 2006 but haven’t they disappeared since 2005, been dropped by their label and broken up as well as had trouble with the law? Surely nobody out there is inspired by this, or even remembers who they are!

Onto the Best Website category, where the high journalistic quality of ukhh.com, rwdmag.com and this site have been ignored whilst the sites of non urban corporate giants (youtube, myspace) and advert plagued US obsessed site everyurbanthing.com are in with a chance of the award. Surely one of the previously mentioned or Chantelle Fiddy’s blog are far more deserving.

Dynamite MC’s inclusion in the Best Hiphop category is another senseless decision. Yeah he’s dropped a hiphop-ish mix CD, but that was very recent, and has been far from well received. Then there’s the Best Radio Station category which doesn’t see Rinse FM get a mention. That’s right, the most representative street level radio broadcast which continually champions the heaviest in MC’s, producers and DJs gets nada.

Finally, another black mark is the Garage category, which includes five acts that most probably would never at all consider the music they make to be of that old hat, 1996 pigeon hole terminology.

In conclusion and in light of the recent NOSHOWs, I mean MOBOs, it seems fair to say that UK urban music is far from the position at which it can pull off a worthwhile awards show.

Like the now defunct annual UK Hiphop Awards, organisers planning these yearly disasters should put a stop to their ideas and reconsider way down the line, when perhaps the music and understanding of it is of a high enough level for the scene as a whole to not get laughed at or misrepresented.

Until then, how about the wasted time and money be simply spent on an annual celebration of the UK’s best black music, free of nominations and awards, and utterly focused on a strong line up of live performances? That way organisers wouldn’t be hiring seat fillers (more on that another time) and sensible commentators wouldn’t be using up energy on groans such as this.

8 Responses to “2006 Urban Music Awards”

  1. Denise Destini Says:

    I agree with everything you said and also
    How is Baby Blue a Newcomer? thats wrong
    How did RWD not get nominated
    I think award shows are a waste of time in general…scrap them!!

  2. Jermaine Springer Says:

    You guys are dumb.. because the Urban Music Awards is the only awards ceremony that stepped up the UK game by representing 100% UK urban acts when all other awards ceremony ignored it.. All categories are nominated and voted for by the public… so there are no panels that decide.. and if you actually go to the website some of the people you said that ian’t nominated like RWD are under best magazine… my space might be a corporate giant.. but you are in urban music??? yes.. you must have a myspace account ?? yes… so has myspace not helped you?? so if other myspace users decide to nominate myspace or youtube as best website…. because they use this as an outlet to promote their music .. why complain??

    Everyone is entitled to their criticsims… but people like you don;t know how hard organisers have to fight , struggle and go through sleepless nights to create an awards ceremony for our uk urban industry. Alas, Tee you are the immediate reason why the UK music industry would never become stronger because you are quick to criticise.. we have the sharpest tongues.. but working together is never an option. Denise saying is pointless is stupid as well, because the Mecury Music Prize and Brits all go each year successfully and create an industry for the other music genres.. with sales trippling after nominated acts have won…

    **** Finally, i am seriously pissed off as i have helped out at the UMA’s when it first started and you don’t understand how much work those guys at Invincible put in for this industry.. and people like you are a disgrace to the industry** Look how many underground acts are on that list???

    Baby Blue is not a newcomer because she has ran around with estelle for years but to many in the media world , she is because her first ever album release only came out last year through a deal with Altered Ego…. people please before you drop an article use your brains??

    Big Brovaz, for example when people think to nominate… they nominate people who have faced all the up’s and down’s and manage to bring them selves back up.. Big Brovaz actually got signed by a label Genetic Records and released a single Hanging Around… they appeared this year on GMTV, This Morning, T4 and were play listed on 14 radio station. Now, they do have fans and have ffans who have supported them throughout the years.. so if their fans who is the public decides to nominate them .. who are the UMA to argue?????

  3. Tee Says:

    I can’t believe you just said appearing on GMTV and This Morning merits an ‘Inspiration’ award. I gues Girls Aloud will be up for a UMA next year…

    As for the rest of your post, it’s pretty obvious your very biast and too emotionally involved to hold a discussion of any significance.

    My criticisms were well argued and thought out, followed by a conclusive suggestion which was nothing but positive.

    A lot of work goes into waste like Will Young and Westlife albums. Should people support that mess because of peoples efforts?

    Your reference to my point on Baby Blue sums up the main issues which my article raised. The UMA’s is marketted to an ouside audience and is irrelevant to anyone within the scene.

    I could care less what the media know about Baby Blue. What is the UMA’s purpose? to spoon feed an audience who don’t care, or represent and serve the people that do?

    If problems aren’t highlighted, they’ll continue happening. And you evidently don’t know shit about me or this site to suggest I’m holding the urban scene back.

    For starters, I don’t use the word ‘Urban’, you silly little girl.

  4. Rupert Says:

    Hows it going my buddies….anyone up for some beer and some smokes later?

  5. Harvey Says:

    ***********JUST FOR THE RECORDS*******************************

    Jermaine Springer from the Urban Music Awards & Invincible is NOT the same person who organised the UK Hip Hop Awards. These are 2 separate and totally unconnected people.

    Thank You.

  6. Bruza Says:

    Read the article and as an unsigned UK act, I have to disagree with a lot you say. In terms of best website, can’t knock RWD or UKHH but everyurbanthing supports many UK acts and they dont charge for interviews or users, so they gotta make their money – we cant hate, look at the Unsigned sections. MySpace maybe corporate but 99% of serious artists are on it, and will find that it is probably THE best networking tool. So in all fairness pitting the smaller sites who are supporting UK against YouTube or MySpace is a bit unfair but MySpace massive or not cannot be touched. You folks have to stop hating on other mediums, work together. That is the way the UK scene will grow big. Congrats to the winners of all categories.

  7. Ihunna Says:

    Am i sensing some sour grapes Tee?? I think so….Give credit where credit is due. Fair enough some nominees may not be to your liking but they were nominated for one reason or another. If your site boasts such high journalistic content then why were you not nominated by your readers? With regards to EveryUrbanThing being US obssessed we are an URBAN music site therefore we feature popular URBAN music artists not just from the UK - if you bothered to look around you would see that we feature several UK artists as well. And even if we wanted to feature only US artists so what. Are you upset that you do not get the opportunity to interview them? This is the reason why music in the UK doesn’t get anywhere – it’s because of people like you – the UMA is only in it’s fourth year and i’ll be the first to say that it has it’s shortcomings but who wouldn’t. You think The Grammy’s or The Brits ran like clock work in their first few years? Hell no. I think you need to stay off the haterade and start supporting the industry rather than poo pooing others acheivements!



  8. Tee Says:

    It’s a bit strange that the only people commenting are those affiliated of praised by the award show which through my personal opinion has been criticised…

    I wouldn’t say it’s sour grapes Ihunanna, as I’m merely suggesting that credit is given where it’s due, as you say yourself. Why the hell did ukmusic.com win an urban music award? Go on that site and all you see is trendy Radio 1 indy bands.

    It’s this kinda thing which inspired my disapproval of the whole thing. I stand by my thoughts. Especially having heard the shambles that went down on the night.

    Cheers for ya comment Bruza. I get what you say about Myspace’s impact. But please don’t take these criticisms as ‘hate’ in the urban music sense of the word. Without criticisms and the airing of different opinions, things can’t be improved or handled better down the line.