Estelle Shows Up In Legend’s Video

October 4th, 2006

When you get a chance to check out the video for John Legend’s really great new single, ‘Make Room’, pay close attention and you might see a familiar face in UK hiphop artist Estelle. Legend, who featured with Baby Blue on Estelle’s track ‘Hey Baby’ from the album ‘The 18th Day’ strolls quickly past Estelle who’s busy on her phone. Legend has recently talked about working again with Estelle on new material, who’s been busy working on a forthcoming mix CD and her follow up album expected next year.

3 Responses to “Estelle Shows Up In Legend’s Video”

  1. Tego Says:

    “Really great” in what way?

  2. Gentle Ben Says:

    In a “really great” type of way?

  3. Denise Destini Says:

    Dont like John Legend’s new tune…a bit boring
    ok yeah I saw Estelle in the vid…I was like what’s she doing there
    I hope on her next album she actually raps