Mole and Iris: An Introduction

September 25th, 2006

Anybody who’s recently bought something from the mighty Disorda’s may have found themselves to have had this little gem thrown in with their purchase.

Over the last few years Brighton collective Mole and Iris have been making waves in their seaside hometown with a consistent record of well received tracks and live shows and, with ‘An Introduction’, look to be finally extending their fan base outside of the thriving and close knit Brighton scene. Weighing in at just over 20 minutes this, their debut E.P, delivers 7 tightly formed and well executed tracks, featuring production from a number of Brighton’s beat smith gentry, such as Ido, 184 and Evil Son among others, in addition a Cannibal Ox-esque instrumental number from Iris himself.

Bypassing a lot of the typical agro front of much of today’s U.K hip hop, and perhaps following in the footsteps of fellow local success story Dirty Diggers, the pair seem to going down a lesser travelled path of intelligent and attentive lyricism coupled with an assortment of intricate, head-nod inducing, beats. Tracks such as ‘Inheritance’, an E.P highlight selected for the 2005 Brighton Hip Hop Festival compilation CD, and ‘24 Little Hours’ demonstrate the pairs comfort and ease at dealing with some of the more challenging aspects of modern lyricism, delivering confrontational social critique and, with ‘24 Little Hours’, some acutely observed and easily relatable storytelling.

As their first E.P, ‘An Introduction’ stands out as holding a level of maturity and care you typically find missing from a lot of debut efforts and, if the quality and passion continues with their future material, looks set to push Mole and Iris onto the cusp of quite a promising future indeed.

7 Responses to “Mole and Iris: An Introduction”

  1. herbie dragons Says:

    A suitably glowing review. Mole & iris are dope.

  2. CDR Says:

    thing is dirty diggers are successful coz they can make beats themselves!
    this is 2 moany rappers over some allright beats.

  3. Big Dave the don Says:

    CDR is a cheap imitation of my glass – cut fam mole and iris

    mole and iris are the truth,consistently dope and ‘moany’ could also be said as ‘wise beyond their years’ and ‘extremely insightful’.... holla at your boy 1

  4. jaz Says:

    It’s quite an introduction. (a good introduction)

  5. IcedGems Says:

    Mole and Iris make some of if not the best hiphop in brighton.

    that is all.

  6. rob Says:

    Just got this cd with my viynls i ordered and it kicks ass

  7. Y'all know the name Says:

    Mole and Iris are dope, anyone who says otherwise is a worthless fool, a worthless worthless fool.