Obie Trice– 2nd Round’s On Me

September 25th, 2006

I enjoyed Obie’s debut album. He seemed like one of the more promising artists on Shady, armed with a sense of humour but also, unlike many of D12, some real rhyming skills. On first listen, Second Round’s On Me seems like it might be confirming this. He’s certainly a technically skilled rapper, with varied rhythms, clever rhymes and a strong delivery. But when you listen back to tracks a second or third time, trying to really find out what a tune’s about, the answer you get too often is nothing. The sense of humour of his first album seems to have evaporated to be replaced by clichéd gangsta stories of shootouts and selling crack on the block. Nothing wrong with that necessarily but an album’s worth of that stuff gets tired pretty quick with nothing else to balance it out. The production’s uninspired and messy as a lot of Eminem’s recent work has been and you know it’s not looking good when one of the best tracks on the album has Akon on it. Back on Cheers, Obie let everyone know he was an Average Man but for his sophomore album, he seems to have forgotten an essential part of that winning formula and settled for being just average.