Mista Websta- Living In The Attic

July 13th, 2004

Living In The Attic by Mista Websta (Blind Giant Records) is a collection of twelve songs which together construct a balanced album of many entertaining moments, be it the light hearted introduction, the head nodding ‘Where’s Ya Tool’ which features the fantastic line ‘Take a TT out of battle, put in a double FF, add a D to leave em Baffled’ or the chilling story telling on ‘What’s Real?’ featuring Phlo which tells the tale of a 22 year old single mother of three working the streets. What else makes this LP great is the rappers accent which is captivating and different, alongside the production which does well to move from songs of different energies with ease, not once seeming out of place or random. Be sure to listen out for the ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ sample and the final track, a hip-hop take on the song ‘Hallelujah’ This is a breath of fresh air.