Genesis Elijah- The Industrial Revolution

September 24th, 2006

Besides from its press release not name checking Rapnews and instead quoting very dodge web mess, this is another heavy release from Genesis Elijah, the guy we interviewed and reviewed years ago, giving much deserved praise to for his outstanding debut album ‘Deh Pon Road’.

Again in entertaining form, Elijah drops tons of tracks, remixes and radio spots across twenty numbers, all of a high quality and variety of sounds and lyrical content. What’s impressive is that the rapper hasn’t seemed to have taken a break since his first LP. It was quickly followed up with an online EP and now this, on top of numerous appearances on other people’s releases and events.

Whilst the material here’s all good, its mix CD format leaves listeners longing for the second album which will surely have more focus and structure. Still, I guess that’s the point of mix CD’s and we can but wait. Mixed by long term collaborator DJ Answer, this is on road via Broken Souls Productions now.