N-Dubz- I Swear

September 23rd, 2006

There’s great promise on ‘I Swear’ in terms of vocal talents and song writing, but everything’s a little too noisy and would benefit from some further artistic development. Tulisa’s vocals are sung well and the rapping by Fazer and Dappy is solid, and particularly British sounding for what sounds like a mainstream cross over attempt. However, the beat’s a little too synthy and is perhaps trying a little too hard in sounding American. ‘You Better Not Waste My Time’ is a lot more enjoyable to the ear and should have been the lead single here, as it doesn’t seem like the artists are trying to rush their way through the track. Everything’s at a more digestable pace, the beat’s a lot more authentic and there’s a stronger sense of subject matter. With the right handling these guys could go far, with some genuine talent to build upon.

2 Responses to “N-Dubz- I Swear”

  1. molly Says:

    i love love love this song but cant get it on limewire does any1 no where i can get it???

  2. grant rose Says:

    i wnt this track but like molly i cnt download it on limewire or ares, sum 1 plezzzz help me n point me to the right direction, THANX