First Aid- Devon Cream / Escapology

September 23rd, 2006

Taken from his long awaited debut album, ‘Devon Cream’ is the first single by producer First Aid, featuring the vocals of MCD and Rodney P. Whilst the beat’s a great one, with nice drums and a heavy garnish of jazz, MCD’s vocals sound pretty dull. However, Rodney P delivers the goods in his ever enjoyable rapping style. On the flipside is ‘Escapology’ featuring Mantis from the much loved Aspects crew. This one’s pretty different in sound to the first, hinting that First Aid’s album will be quite an eclectic mix. Mantis’s lyrics are tight, although it doesn’t sound quite right without his Aspects team mates, over a great piano loop that demands several reloads. Out on Gettin’ Better Records, this drops in early November.