Wan-Cee- Ring The Bells / I Lust U

September 17th, 2006

His second single on Kemet Entertainment Records, North London’s Wan-Cee provides a story telling moment in ‘Ring The Bell’, all about a lady, her coke addiction and relationship with men. It’s an enjoyable track that keeps the attention of the listener on lock, and the beat of brass and simple drums provides some nice neck nodding action. The hook’s a little weak and the use of the slang word ‘Jezebel’ immediately calls for comparisons with songs named after the word by Dizzee Raskal and Neckle Camp, and it’s then that things seem a little weak. ‘I Lust U’ on the B Side begins with some humorous dialogue and the Fusion beat’s a lot more creative and instantly shadows the previous tune. Out now, it’s probably not one to rush out and buy but shows development in the artist which could provide some more memorable material a little further down the line.