Stig Of Dump- The Homeless Microhponist

September 17th, 2006

It should be a wake up call to Stig’s peers that he recorded this release in the space of seven days. Not because it’s amazing, although it’s far from rubbish, but due to the fact that it’s of the quality which most other rappers seem to take half a year or more to come up with. What’s that all about? Anyway, being on the ball is particularly natural to this guy, someone respected highly for his track record on UK hiphop’s battle rap circuit. So how does his off the dome skills transfer to record? Pretty well.

It’s not funny or clever to be overweight and drunk, so thankfully there’s a little more substance to Stig Of Dump’s music than what you’d assume from his online forum appearances and following. All the vocals showcase a developed and confident style and a lot of the verses contain great one liners. The beat’s are all enjoyable and there’s little filler.

Highlights include ‘The Introduction’ and the Blufoot produced ‘Rhite Whino’, on which we’re treated to a variety of tight flows. Another highlight is ‘Fatty & Specky’ featuring Dr Syntax. The production’s moody and all the rapping’s of strong character. Produced by Ido, ‘Raise Ya Glasses’ provides a pretty tired alcohol theme by this point, but Skrein’s appearance makes it worth the listen. Out on Beer & Rap Records now, your typical UK hiphop head is likely to find at least a few enjoyable tracks here on an huge EP of thirteen numbers.

2 Responses to “Stig Of Dump- The Homeless Microhponist”

  1. Joe Says:

    Stigs got skills no doubt, nice one for carrying the georide flag, I’d murk you in a battle still

  2. Amf Says:

    How could you not mention the genious of the marky g skit ? or that the journey is an awesome song.