ED209- Stillexstatic

July 10th, 2004

Out of the blue this week the ‘Stillexstatic EP’ from (ED) 209 dropped through my letter box. Keen to see what it was all about, I slapped it straight into my diskman and pressed play, not before noting the awesome art work of the CD itself. If that was any indication of the quality of music I was about to hear, I was in for a treat I thought. And a treat I got. Now the awful introduction to this review’s out the way, here’s what I heard.

The EP begins with the title track ‘Stillexstatic’, beginning with a philosophical spot of speech about devils and angels. Once the music gets going a warm loop of strings fading in and out on top of a simple drum pattern makes way for the featuring vocals of Eyezofman who solidly lays down a nice couple of verses of story telling. This sits comfortably as the opening track of a collection of songs and is likely to get your head nodding.

Then its on to ‘El Mariachi’ featuring the voice of Cappo. The production here is great. There’s what I think are electric guitars, along with thumping drums and compelling vocals. This up’s the energy level of the whole affair and draws the finger to the back button. Cappo delivers some great lines including ‘the longer the road, the more I see before me’ and a later lyric which is likely to catch you off guard with its accompanying, out of the blew vocal affect.

‘Live From Siberia’ features Konny Kon from the Microdisiascs crew. The drums give off a classic hip-hop vibe whilst the vocals go for the battle MC angle, charged with boastful and confident lyrics articulated in an enjoyable and easily listenable voice. ‘Don’t tolerate novelty rap, save it for Christmas’ is my personal favourite moment here, but its certainly not the only point of entertainment.

‘Bazzar Bomberz’ is the last full track on the CD featuring A-Bomb, Konny Kon, Cappo and Eyesofman. It starts with a mildly haunting sound of wind which before long, develops into a great loop of guitar, low pitch drums and other orchestrated noise. ‘I put CD’s in pillow cases, boy I’m still slept on’ highlights the injustice these MC’s find themselves in having all delivered good on this great EP and worthy of some much deserved credit.

‘Fear And Television’ takes from the same moment in the Michael Moore film Bowling For Columbine which Jehst used for his ‘Fear Skit’ on ‘Falling Down’. It’s great to hear the on point remarks of Marilyn Manson once more, placed over a theatrical beat which has in one sitting, given me just cause to repeat the track no less than five times. Sampling from a film seems relevant on a project said to be inspired by 209’s collection of film scores. Knowing that bit of trivia in retrospect makes sense when thinking back to the diverse range of sounds and atmospheres presented across the twenty five minutes.

All in all, a great EP of numerous high points of great wordplay and inventive production. It’s left me very interested to hear more material from the people behind it and already keen to press play again. Support this.