Wiley signs to Big Dada Recordings

September 16th, 2006

Grime pioneer Wiley has just signed to the record label Big Dada Recordings, also home to Roots Manuva, Ty and many more. The label is said to be keen on Wiley releasing ‘Playtime Is Over’ in February 2007, and hopes to support their artist in helping him put out an LP which fully captures his sound with no comprise or major label restraint.

This month has seen Wiley begin a mix CD series called Tunnel Vision, of which there are going to be ten volumes. The first volume is available on CD and as is the second, also available as a (reduced quality) mp3 download on the official Myspace site. This is a big move for Wiley, real name Richard Cowie, whom isn’t short of self promotional strategy, but will certainly gain from the huge industry push which the Ninja Tunes driven record label give all their products.

Past Wiley releases include the debut album ‘Treddin’ On Thin Ice’ which was put out by XL Recordings and considered a shortcoming of Wiley’s abilities and potential. Then came ‘In At The Deep End’ by Roll Deep on EMI Records which many viewed as a retreat from grime roots in hopes of more mainstream success of a hiphop and RnB persuasion. The Boy Better Know released ‘2nd Phase’ sophomore album was very much a return to form, which brings us up to date with ‘Tunnel Vision’, an ambitious series steered by an unmatched work ethic.

4 Responses to “Wiley signs to Big Dada Recordings”

  1. m13163 Says:

    Good news, hopefully this helpss grime get attention

  2. Roska Says:

    Wish him the best!

  3. matt fairclough Says:

    a cutting edge artist for acutting edge uk label.

  4. UK RAP GURU Says:

    This is definetly good news for the UK Urban scene, ‘treddin’ on thin ice’, was a good album however didnt fully flare the potential of this British artist, lets how his highly anticipated album ‘playtime is over’ really helps him go mainstream and perhaps many mor UK Urban artists to come, i salute Big Dada Recordings in giving talent a chace and so should more labels for our Uk MC’s/Rappers that have so much potential unseen yet by budget videos broadcast on BEN TV, Channel U, and the odd once a month video on MTV BASE, MTV is arguably the biggest black music TV Channel and one that makes people take notice, yet Channel U are the biggest supporter of our British Urban Music, why6 cant MTV perhaps air more Uk urban music.