Ralph Rip Shit- The Best Name

September 16th, 2006

The Secondson produced ‘The Best Name’ begins the latest Associated Minds vinyl release, this time by UK rapper Ralph Rip Shit. The production’s pretty stripped down and the vocals aren’t as energetic as Ralph’s delivered in the past, but the flow’s cool and the lyrics are as always, heavy. ‘Modern Day Milligan’ is produced by Sam Rockwell, with cuts by DJ Moneyshot. This is a lot more entertaining in all aspects, from the more developed but still quite simplistic beat, to the calm vocals which suit the track well. ‘Kiss The Guns’ features Dubbledge and is produced by Apollo whilst ‘Half’ produced by Matt Gloss rounds up the release with heavy drums and atmospheric keys. This is a very solid effort and up there with the best vinyl from the UK this year.

2 Responses to “Ralph Rip Shit- The Best Name”

  1. Daveykin Says:

    Yo, this shit is serious I’ve only heard a couple of the tracks and another one on myspace but this shit is dope, especially the ‘half’ one, fucking dark as hell. Big up to mr rip shit for that track.



  2. Cawfee Says:

    Should be a quality release! I heard the best name on a mixtape and love it!