Kyza- The Experience

September 9th, 2006


We’ve got hold of the sick and highly anticipated debut album ahead of its September 25th release date on Pepa Records. Check out the world exclusive review of the best album this year so far!

Kyza’s been around for awhile, impressing people with his incredible story telling ability with underground classic ‘Devil In A Dress’ and his straight up hiphop skills on the likes of ‘Harsh Reality’ and ‘Real’.

It’s seemed a long wait, but it’s finally time for his debut album to drop. Out on Pepa Records, ‘The Experience’ is everything fans have been anticipating, and then some. There’s a broad variety of tracks throughout an utterly consistent tracklisting, firmly establishing the man as one of the most talented UK hiphop artists about.

Things kick off with leading single ‘Fight Club’, an energetic number of strings, deep bass and tight drums over which Kyza’s vocals are untouchable. It’s then on to the intelligent ‘Real’, a track about the way people on road like to present themselves. ‘Trouble’ starts with a nice sample of film dialogue and rolls into an atmospheric piano based beat on which Kyza rejects any trouble going his way. The hook’s tight as is the extremely listenable flow. Romantic expressions have moved on a bit since Marvin Gaye did his thing and on ‘Porno’ Kyza drops vivid verses over a very laid back track of strings.

‘Born Loser’ is an introspective number with a mixture of both pessimism and optimism in the lyrics which detail the odds against Kyza as well as voicing a determination to get through the various pains. ‘Bitter Sweet Love’ is a less explicit ‘Porno’ whilst ‘Snakes ‘n’ Blaggers’ is an offensive track clearly aimed at someone in particular, which will certainly be getting the internet rumour mill rolling. ‘Sick’ produced by D’Lux is exactly as it’s titled and ‘Hype Is Real’ provides a bouncy party flavour. ‘Lucozade Bottles’ is a fantastically retrospective moment and ‘D.O.B.’ featuring Skriblah Dan-Gogh & The Hell Fire Club is a synth driven piece of serious aggression. The LP wraps up on part two of ‘Real’ featuring Triggz Vega which is just as good as the original track, and a humble ‘Outro’ tune.

Kyza’s clearly put in the work to insure that his album has something for everyone, from those in the car or club to people walking with their headphones or kicking it back home. An interesting individual, he showcases many sides to his personality, from the straight up confident and aggressive tracks, to the romantic numbers and the observational remarks on society. All of the production is of an impressive quality, which is especially nice to hear considering the less predictable choices of relatively unknown beat makers. It’s also a plus that there’s few guest appearances, and those there are, aren’t for the sake of inclusion and sit well amongst the rest of the material. It’ll be hard for anyone to top this for album of the year, as it’s memorable stuff which is deserving of lots of playback. You’d be stupid not to hear it.

8 Responses to “Kyza- The Experience”

  1. Tom Says:

    Looking forward to this, props for the early review

  2. Bob Preston Says:

    When is this beauty droppin?

  3. Chris Says:

    Can tell that you read past the first line of the review

  4. Rhyz Says:

    I downloaded this (legal and paid for) last night…from what I hear so far its a real nice album…

    ‘Sick’ is well….sick!

  5. chris Says:

    looks sick mate can’t wait

  6. Joe Says:

    This is one of the best! D.O.B is a nuaghty track and Kyza spits like no other, could of done with a Jehst collabo tho, cant have it all i suppose!

  7. UK Says:

    sick album

  8. KEZN Says:

    the album kix ass