Gym Class Heroes- As Cruel As School Children

September 5th, 2006

Out on Decaydance and Fueled By Ramen, ‘As Cruel As School Children’ follows the group’s previous album ‘Papercut Chronicles’ in great fashion, delivering more very well crafted tracks with much live instrumentation, lots of energy, and most importantly and refreshingly, a strong sense of fun!

Highlights include ‘The Queen And I’, a lively track which on a closer listen, is pretty personal stuff. ‘New Friend Request’ is a humorous song about Myspace whilst ‘Viva La White Girl’ is comprised of really nice guitars. The effect on the vocals sounds great and the mixture of singing and loose rapping works well. The drums of ‘It’s OK, But Just This Once’ really get the head nodding and ‘Scandalous Scholastics’ sustains the school theme of the album in consistent fashion.

These guys clearly know what they’re doing and deliver a lot of entertainment value every time they put a release out. They’re versatile and pull of an impressive hiphop mix full of influences from RnB, Rock and many other places well, without once coming across as contrived or pretentious. If all was right with the world, they’d be blowing up into the mainstream very soon.