Graffiti NYC

September 5th, 2006

Comprised of an immense number of really impressively captured photographs and a diverse range of quotes by many established and younger graffiti artists, this new book out on Prestel, is a must have for anyone with any interest in one of hiphop culture’s most important aspects.

What’s great is that there’s such a varied collection of visuals, from photographs of writers and their tools, to walls, trains and staircases. It’s nice that the book isn’t simply another back to back collection of focused train shots, but that we get to see the wider scene, and the space around a piece of art. You get to see the artform in the context of its urban environment, rather than right up close to the point that it could be on any surface in any part of the world, rather than it’s home, New York.

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  1. Hugo Martinez Says:

    Thank you.