The world’s biggest footprint

September 3rd, 2006

Sneaker loving hiphop heads, we at Rapnews know how much you’re into your creps, so here’s a bit of coverage for you on this fine Sunday afternoon. To launch the new Puma Superstructure sneaker exclusive to their store, Foot Locker recently carved out the world’s biggest footprint ever in London’s Hyde Park.

Measuring forty metres long and twelve wide, it was longer than four double decker buses put together. In UK shoe sizes, it’s the equivalent of a size 4706! At £70, you not only get one hell of a nice looking trainer, but the result of much scientific ish. Made from full grain leather, the product has a unique honeycomb patterned heal, is made from hermoplastic Polyurethane and provides maximum stability for minimum weight. So now you know!

Puma Supersneaker