Pete Rock- Underground Classics

September 3rd, 2006

If like some, you’ve heard Pete Rock’s name crop up many a time in a discussion of hiphop’s greatest producers, but aren’t that familiar with his material, this release will be right down your street. Comprising of many a track considered a classic alongside some remixes, you’ll be left with a clear indication of Pete Rock’s ability on the boards, apparently. Shamefully, Rock is one of few producers that my hiphop knowledge doesn’t cover extensively, so for all I know this could be one big con. However, the tracks are compiled by Amir Abdulla of Kon and Amir so chances are it’s a worthy release, especially considering it’s out on Rapster Records. Your best bet would be to hang around on a hiphop forum for five minutes, in which time Rock’s name is sure to come up, and then you can see if this’ll be worth your money. Good luck.