Inspekt ‘a’ Rhyme- Dreams

September 3rd, 2006

Out on Spitfire Records, this eight track EP by Nigerian born Inspekt ‘a’ Rhyme begins with the old skool flavoured ‘Don’t Fuck Up My High’. The rapping’s confident and the beat’s hard, and although the lyrics don’t say much, there’s quite a catchy hook. ‘Dreams’ is of a more developed production and is a good effort at creating an uplifting track. Inspekt’s rapping has character and personality although the re-sung ‘Aint No Body’ sample’s a little corny.

‘Move’ adds another angle to the variety of beats and vibes on the track listings, this time sampling trumpets in quite a jazzy fashion. ‘What The Future Holds’ like the recent Neckle Camp album, sample’s Sade in moody fashion whilst ‘Testament’ and ‘Kiss My Arse’ show two different sides to the rapper’s makeup. The outing concludes with the laid back and chilled out sounds of ‘Don’t Plan To Be Broke’ which is certainly an EP highlight whilst ‘12345’ rounds things off in refreshing electro fashion which is another standout moment that could see future releases go in a whole different musical direction all together.

In conclusion, this is an enjoyable and varied EP which has several particularly nice moments by an artist that’s certainly took his time in creating his release. It would have been good had a few extra tracks been added and the release been an album, or one or two lesser great moments dropped off to create a less time consuming EP. Either way, it certainly merits a listen which is likely to cater to a mixed back of listeners.