Gold Digging – As Sampled By Tupac

September 3rd, 2006

The whole idea of this album seems pretty strange to the not so obsessive Tupac Shakur fan, although there’s probably hardcore fans out there that will enjoy this. Here we have a collection of nineteen golden oldies which in one way or another, were sampled into 2pac tracks. Only, some of the tracks are those used on stuff released and produced since the artist died so their inclusions aren’t that ethical. There’s also the faulty title, as technically 2pac didn’t sample jack shit, and it was his producers who made the beats. That said, the actual material is alright if you’ve got the time and if you’re ever planning a hiphop trivia quiz, here’s a handy resource. This testiment to the extent at which people have gone since the artist’s passing to make money is out on the brave or reckless Harmless label and drops late September.