Baby J- FTP 2; Fight The Power

September 3rd, 2006

Derby’s Baby J certainly keeps busy. It wasn’t long ago that he had just produced Blade’s entire ‘Guerilla Tactics’ album. Then came the solo album ‘FTP’ followed by a heavy mix CD of the same name that featured over sixty different guest rappers. He’s back yet again with another album in the FTP series, this time featuring the likes of Dynamite MC, Fallacy, Rukus, Yogi and many more. The production style is as we’ve come to expect from J, who tends to create quite soulful tracks which often implement pitched up soul samples. He’s great at what he does, although some development in sound wouldn’t go amiss, and whilst most of the tracks are enjoyable, it’d be interesting for him to work a little left of the middle of the road. There’s only so many collaborations with regular guests Yogi and Rukus that will demand people’s attention. That said, it’s a high quality effort which will surely satisfy the seasoned UK hiphop audience.

One Response to “Baby J- FTP 2; Fight The Power”

  1. ReggiiMental Says:

    Heavy man, a good listen. Steling Collat come nice + More