Arro- About Time

June 10th, 2004

‘About Time’ is the three track, long awaited debut EP from >aRRO, an MC from Gateshead, previously heard as part of his old crew Miniature Heroes from Leeds and recently, on the flipside of Tommy Evan’s Northern Hospitality Real Beats release. He’s an established member of the international beatboxing scene and has become renowned for his solo shows and if that’s not a juicy enough CV for you, wait until this product drops. Track one, produced by Fly-J, is of an interesting beat with a medieval flava to match with the lyrical tale of medieval life through the eyes of an English Knight. Now there’s a concept song! If that wasn’t enough to make you pay attention, track two ‘I Luv U’ surely is. Another Fly Johnson produced beat, its got a bit of a classic hip-hop vibe with some added sound affects thrown in. The vocals are, as they claim, “fresh” and the dance-ability levels are high. The EP ends with ‘Unknown Stuntman’ produced by The Fat Controllers. It’s got a really nice high pitched flute looping throughout and sees >aRRO rapping in an entertaining conversational flow about the day to day life of a recording artist. The stand out feature of the whole release, which is dropping in July on both wax and CD, is the MC’s voice/accent. It’s interesting and enriches the rhyming ability of the final track in which words seem to roll with extreme ease off the vocalists tongue to deliver such lines as “If you hear it live, practice with the ball because my styles are like Pokemon, you’ve got to catch them all”. Some EP’s are merely good and once the needles reached the centre of the wax, it’s time to replace the record with something else. This has some playback value and also, that magic which leaves the stomach in my ears grumbling for a few extra tracks. What’s also good about this is that the entertainment factor doesn’t seem particularly forced in the way that some artists who claim to want to be funny rather than serious and deep come across as. There’s no fronting here.

One Response to “Arro- About Time”

  1. arnold gongzo Says:

    yeah defo ma mutha fucka. your right wit da no fronting shit. that defo right tru and tru. Ya get me. big up da wax and da black with da scratch my nuts crew bbbbbbbig u[ llllllllllllllloooooooooowwww dddddooowwwwn slough