Akira The Don- Oh! What A Glorious Thing / Boom

September 2nd, 2006

We at Rapnews love Akira The Don. Not in a gay way, we just think he’s quite the character and that his music is refreshingly full of personality. No surprises then, that we’re quite fond of this new double A side single ahead of his forthcoming album ‘When We Were Young’ which drops in November.

On the very cheerful first track, he’s kinda singing and kinda rapping. He’s pretty good at both, and by the time the kids join in on the later chorus, you’ll have your hands waving in the air from side to side and hanging daisy chains from your ear lobes in true feel good style.

As for the second track, well that’s a lot heavier, but’ll make you feel just as uplifted. Sampling something pretty familiar that only a proper arsehole of a journalist would remember the name of, it features another MC we rather like, Marvin The Martian, and should equally be all over Zane Lowe’s playlist, if his puppet operators so choose.

So what’s the hold up kids? That’s right, you should still be a kid not a teenage mother or prison inmate. Put down the guns and porn, get out your Dad’s old boombox, and play hopscotch on the street corner before it’s too late and winter proper kicks in. Akira The Don has done you a service. Acknowledge it.

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  1. Tego Says:

    Good point!