Marty McFly- A To Z

August 6th, 2006

If you’re a backpacker, you’ll be in heaven listening to this new mix CD from Marty McFly. It’s jam packed with underground rucksack wearing goodness from beginning to end, from the UK likes of Aspects, Mark B and DJ Format, to the US acts Jurassic 5, Quasimoto, Ugly Duckling and lots more. It’s all mixed well together by McFly who shows promise for the future, and the cover art of beans on toast is equally as tasty. If you’re into the kind of music by the artists featured here, this will certainly be down your street, sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

Editors Apology; We at Rapnews deeply regret incorrectly describing the cover art of the above product. We mindlessly confused spaghetti alphabet pieces for baked beans, and for that we are sorry. In retrospect however, we feel that the lack of orange fart tablets on the artwork is what let this release down slightly and held it back from becoming a certified classic. Maybe next time…

One Response to “Marty McFly- A To Z”

  1. Pidge Says:

    I picked this one up myself, thought I’d share a few thoughts.

    I always tend to judge a mixtape on 4 basic criteria – creativity, exclusivity, concept and track selection.

    On the first two this doesn’t score very highly, mainly because it doesn’t try to. By creativity I’m talking about original tracks by the compiler, remixes, mash ups of instrumentals and accapellas, you know what I’m talking about. This is an unapologetic collection of complete, unadulterated tracks left as the artists intended. The DJ responsible shows his skills on the scratch occasionally, but other than that has the sense to leave things be.

    In terms of exclusivity, again, that’s not the market it’s aiming for. The Mark B and Delta track was unreleased at the time the mixtape was compiled, but a few months down the road you can pick up any of these tracks down your local HMV.

    Concept is where this compilation plays it’s ace hand. 26 different tracks by 26 different artists, each staring with a different letter of the alphabet. Sounds easy, but you try and do it. Moreover, try and do it without compromising on the fourth area – track selection. From where I’m listening, there isn’t a weak link in this chain. Every one of the 26 joints played out here is a work of modern day hiphop art. There are no obvious fillers, no incongrous tracks.

    The general style of music follows a theme. The term ‘backpacker’ has been applied more than once, but I’ve heard so many different definitions of this term, some positive some derogatory, that I don’t think anyone really knows what it means. This is hiphop as it was always meant to be; some of the worlds most skilled beatmakers and emcees showing some of their finest work. MOreover, a good mix of US and UK tracks with no obvious distinctions between the two. It jumps the Atlantic from one track to the next withoug changin dialect once. If you can’t judge the feel of this just by looking at the artists involved then either it’s not going to be your thing, or you should view it as an ideal opportunity to get an education.

    The fact that many of the artists have supplied exclusive vocal drops despite the fact that it’s entirely unauthorised and being given away for free (bar a three quid contribution towards postage and packaging) speaks volumes, as does the fact that at least one of these said artists has requested copies for friends and family.

    Personally it’s one of the five discs that’s soundtracking my summer, and if I were reviewing it I’d be scoring it highly.

    (I picked it up by emailing the DJ directly at