Dr. Syntax- Sub-Cultures

July 30th, 2006

‘Sub-Cultures’ is an enjoyable track full of punch lines about the many different types of people in society. Syntax’s vocals are as expressive and unique as usual, reminding us why most people felt his contributions to the debut Foreign Beggars album to be some of its greatest moments. Produced by Dag Nabbit, the beat’s simple and bouncy, providing the perfect piece of music for the doctor’s attention seeking verses to lace. The single also includes ‘Animal Hides’ and ‘Pack Mentality’. Both produced by Ido, they’re strong efforts that are likely to build an appetite in the listener for Syntax’s forthcoming album. Koaste, Manipulate and Orifice Vulgatron guest on the closing number, full or stage suited energy that rounds off the release with a nice up-tempo affair.