Klashnekoff- The Sagas Of Klashnekoff

May 23rd, 2004

Thanks to the buzz of his 12” releases, particularly his most celebrated track ‘It’s Murda’, heads have been waiting a long time for some Klashnekoff material on CD. The time has come, and along with it ten tracks of some of the best production I’ve ever heard on a UK rap record. As for the lyrics, only a healthy few come close. Topics are fruitful, touching upon romance, crime, racism and hiphop culture to name but a few.

On ‘Parrowdice’, which is an impressive beat by Harry Love, Klashnekoff airs his unease with Tony Blair and paints a picture portraying his London environment. Stand out lyrics include ‘How many more lives before we realise there’s a crisis?’ one of the many articulate yet powerful sentiments which helps build the listeners impression of the MC as being an educated and positive man.

On ‘B 4 U Die’, a track produced by Joe Buhdah, the West Indian rooted MC rhymes with Terra Firma partner Kyza in between sung choruses which you’re likely to have looping in your head later on in the day. The guest appearance isn’t noted on the stylish artwork- strange for a product which is keen to tell you its ‘presented by Kemet Records Entertainment’ no less than three or four times.

‘Our Time’ is of a chilled beat by Lewis Parker which calmly paves the way for a rap on big talkers, drug importers, the police force, trust, world affairs and the instability of day to day live.

If there’s anything not to like about the CD, it’s that some of the interludes aren’t separate tracks, so you have to listen to them before the song kicks in. In the long run this could tire the otherwise entertaining moments featuring the characters of a racist man who has chased and beaten a kid and a racist woman telling a guy her neighbourhood used to be good before ‘his lot’ moved in, to which he replies ‘its always been shit’. Both humorous in its satire of course.

‘The Saga’s Of Klashnekoff’ is clearly a solid beginning to a career which is capable on paper of blossoming into something big. The products consistency in quality will have a lot of rappers, I suspect, stepping up their game. Or at least it should.

5 Responses to “Klashnekoff- The Sagas Of Klashnekoff”

  1. sean Says:

    dese beats are special kklash is gona bring up uk hip hop .. his lyrics are special they mean somethin not jus chat bout guns an cash he spits special evrytime

  2. j1 Says:

    Klashnekoff is the first UK hiphop I’ve really heard, and it is awesome.

  3. E-Z Lee Says:

    If UK hip hop had taken off and became commercial like american hip hop, Klashnekoff would be a major icon that everyone would’ve heard of. k-lash is the realest emcee to come out of the UK. Anyone that dont know get to know & realize what UK hip hop is all about. Focus mode was cold Saga’s was ice cold, cant wait for Lionheart: tussle of the beast (APRIL 06) everbody purchase! ya heard “STAY BLESSED

  4. Icy Wun Says:

    his fuckin lyrics are so infuential and have so much meanin to dem, klashnekoff is by far da best fuckin UK Mc to dis day my god he is sik… he got bare talent..

  5. Ollz Says:

    NO Love For The Fame… Just Pure Love For The Game (even tho there is no fuckin infrastructure)! No exploits just keeping it RAW AUTHENTIC! Special Beats & Bars, K-Lash tears it up properly… RECOGNISE if u dun know! Toooo much man, it’s all bless! Tussle With The Beast – BIGGLE - can’t actually wait!