Kool Keith

July 29th, 2006

Kool Keith

Of his recent album ‘NOGATCO’, Kool Keith says it’s good and alienized, and that it’s the result of research with Iz-Real.

He thinks the press coverage has been different and optimistic, and mentions his favourite Sci-Fi flick to be ‘Lost In Space’.

When asked if he’d pen some fiction, he said yep, and that it could be called ‘Black Monster from Zeron’.

As should be the case, he’s very proud of all his solo projects as they all have a different feel, and says the new Ultramagnetics album is out very soon, and is great, with a big urban influence that he can’t wait to get out. Rather than trying to mirror what they did before, the crew are feeling no pressure, making an album that’s different and on their own feelings.

Kool Keith

He’d like to see Stetsasonic make a comeback like the Utramag’s are, hopes to return to touring the UK soon and thinks UK music has progressed but that most rappers these days sound like somebody else. Hiphop aside, he’s into film and camera work, and he recommends KoolKeith.co.uk for info on himself. Oh, and he also had these concluding thoughts to share with us:

“The Sci Fi era has been totally taken back into my championship belt from all the rappers that I have influence around the world. Whether backpackers, lyrical people, wordplay people, all concerned. A lot of the critics thought I was unpolished. I’m the king. I’m the stuff of things they thought I couldn’t do. They didn’t understand me when I was doing all of the records that were complex.

I want to tell all the people that I’ve influenced throughout the world that followed the sci-fi flow, I’m the final alpha and omega of that stuff. If I ever quit that era, remember, I’m the king of all that stuff. I own that realm. Critics shouldn’t say I fell off if I left that. I already proved it. I’m like Ali or Michael Jordan. I came back with two good albums, ‘Nogatco’ and ‘Polaroid’. I proved that my lyrical status hasn’t gone away.

Kool Keith

I’ve put two albums out with hard punches to the ribs that critics thought I couldn’t do again since I wasn’t with Automator. Critics should shut their mouths now. If I want to do a record called ‘Mr. Shitty and MC Pissy’, my intergrity is up to par. I no longer have nothing to prove. If I choose never to make another sci-fi record at all. I’ve proved myself a champion. Therefore all the people that the public goes to see who are trying to make the same sound, whether it be the backpackers or poets, that use the same blueprints that I created and then rape the sci-fi era trying to get credibility, they should bow out gracefully.

Don’t call me a legend. A legend is a person from the past. I’m not living my records from the 80’s like some other artists from the 80’s that haven’t done anything current. Time moves on. If they ain’t doing nothing now, I can’t fuck with them. I’m ahead of my time. My flow is up to date and my lyrics are up to date since the second verse on ‘Ego Trippin’. Keep going to the shows and see new motherfuckers follow me and old motherfuckers living off their old songs.

– Signing off, the Most Current Space King.”

Check out the website for Keith’s Nogatco album now!

5 Responses to “Kool Keith”

  1. Ted Says:

    Have ya’ll read that interview where Keith talks about that Return of Octagon album? It’s on Keith’s site http://www.koolkeith.co.uk Read his interview by Adam Makeyenko “I’m the top dancer, the top producer, and the top rapper.” In the interview regarding Return of Octagon he says, “they went out to Germany and took my vocals and just bounced them to other songs. I’ve never seen this kind of disrespect in my whole life.”

  2. Funk Jones Says:

    That interview is mad old, like a year at least. I never know when good ol’ Keith is actually serious, or just messin’ around. But you gotta love it, he’s definitely one of the the legends in this game (my bad Keith).

  3. Funk Jones Says:

    I was talkin’ about the interview Ted menthioned, don’t get it twisted.

  4. row1 Says:

    “I came back with two good albums, ‘Nogatco’ and ‘Polaroid’. I proved that my lyrical status hasn’t gone away.”
    He makes a good point :D

    Nice interview

  5. gideoN Says:

    in a show in amsterdam he’d to go, reload, whipe the sweat from his forehead