Journalists, Join Our Team!

July 27th, 2006

If you’ve done a media course and all that jazz, or you’re just straight up passionate about music and want to share your thoughts and finds, Rapnews is interested in hearing from you.

For the past four years, we’ve been holding it down in our field, providing regular updates of a high quality to over 25,000 unique visitors per month. We’re now at a stage where VIP invites and promo’s are too much for us to get through on our jays.

If you’re interested in writing reviews of high quality releases before they hit the shelves, news reports on the very best in live events, are into getting deep and tapping up some food for thought articles or want to throw questions in the way of your favourite artists and personalities, drop us a line!

Why Rapnews? I hear you ask. Well fair enough, there’s tons of websites you could write for. But consider this. Are their designs slick, are they free from ugly and irrelevant advertising mess, do they have a strong and loyal readership, are they backed by the Arts Council of England and do they offer you journalistic freedom in every regard? Rapnews ticks all those boxes, and then some.

Previous contributors to Rapnews have included journalists who have written for nationwide magazines such as Undercover, Knowledge and Artrocker, 1xtra DJs, record shop and label owners and artists.

As Rapnews is a non profit website, we unfortunately can’t offer payment to any contributors, but we do try our best to make it worth your while. Besides from a nice addition to a budding scribe’s CV/portfolio, perks come in the form of free and advanced releases, guest list treatment, industry contacts and the luxury of no strict deadlines or content criteria.

As long as you can spell and know what you’re talking about, you’ll do! Only, if you aren’t really interested, please just keep enjoying the site as a reader. Too many people have said they’re down and then done one with their blag!

Drop us an e-mail at and tell us some of the ideas you have in mind that you’d like to contribute to the site. You’re guaranteed to be met with tons of appreciation. Thanks for reading this far, and we look forward to hearing from ya soon!

One Response to “Journalists, Join Our Team!”

  1. Smokey Barz Says:

    Im a mc, I can spell lol, i can write for anything and especially im a grime mc so i can write in depth as well, i enjoy writing