Baby J

July 27th, 2006

Baby J

What’s up J, how’s life treating you?

Well, I can’t complain. Whatever I could moan about, life’S definitely been worse, ya feel me!

How did you feel your FTP album was received?

For me it was beautiful. In the past I’ve always been the man behind the artist, so to be upfront, to receive the support I did for the album, especially from the hiphop community was crazy.

What projects have you been working on since then?

I done the Blade album ‘Guerilla Tactics’ that was a real honor to be involved with as Blade’s a legend to me. I did the Mr Ti2bs ‘Keep It Movin’ track. I’ve done some tracks on the new Antourage album ‘Ants dema swarm’. I’ve got tracks on the new Moorish Delta7 album. There’s a new Baby J album coming in October ‘F.T.P 2 Fight The Power’, which I’m real excited about and there’s a Precha album ‘Holy Ghost’ due late ‘06 that I produced.

Where did you get the idea of the FTP mix CD from?

Well, it was born from two things. Firstly, being a producer I wanted to showcase as many of my released beats as possible, rather than just like 15. So having each emcee spitting a 16 allowed me to have more emcees on there. Secondly, there’s a lot of up and coming emcees I’m feelin’ that I don’t always get opportunity to work with so this was a chance to give them a space to shine next to some of the big boys.

Was it hard arranging over 60 MC’s to get on there?

It’s hard arranging one emcee! It got done though. Big shout to Matt at Dat Sound ‘cause he got a lot of the stuff recorded as well. On the whole it was love as all the emcees seemed to really want to be involved. There was still a few I missed though… next time.

What are a couple of your favourite verses on the CD?

It kinda changes the more I listen. Right now, Big P, Big V and Rukus. It’s funny ‘cause everyone likes different stuff. With 66 emcees there’s literally something for everyone!

If you had to choose one of the mc’s to make a whole album with, who’d it be and why?

Someone I havn’t worked with… Probably Klash or Big P. Klash has a natural gift and Big P because it would be some revolutionary shit!

Was it a conscious decision to mix up traditional UK rap artists with the grime mc’s?

Not really. I just went for emcees I was feelin’. I’m not a big grime fan but I respect an emcee if they got skills.

Do you think people should be doing more of this?

Yeah. Let’s get it out there. The more the better. It’s good for the scene. I feel like I’ve thrown down the gauntlet a little, ‘cause no one’s done a mixtape like this before. You’ve basically got a snapshot of the UK scene right now. The more hot shit that goes out in the scene, the more it pushes the scene forward.

Baby J FTP Mix CD

Can people expect some Baby J grime beats in the future?

No. I’ll stick to what I do best but you will be hearing a new sound starting to come through. It’s time for a change… There’s some stuff on ‘F.T.P 2’ that’s a little different.

What forthcoming stuff can we look forward to from ya?

Antourage’s ‘Ants Dema Swarm’ in late summer, Baby J’s ‘F.T.P 2 Fight the power’ October ‘06, Precha’s ‘Holy Ghost’ in late ‘06. Then Laurissa’s ‘Blessed’ in early ‘07.

Who are some of your favourite mc’s and producers right now?

Emcees… Firstly all my fam, Yogi, Rukus, Shade One, Moorish, Big V, Precha. Feelin’ Klash, Wiley, Big P and Skeme, Wariko.

Tell us about the studio you’ve just built and how people can book a session.

It was needed. We aint got no D&D or Cutting Rooms in the UK. A dedicated hiphop hit shop. It’s been running about a month now and it’s going real well. The idea was to have a place dedicated to give that real hiphop sound. The booth sounds beautiful and the studio’s getting a real buzz about it. We charge £10 per hour and we do mixing and mastering charged by the hour as well, so that means you can get an album mastered for like £150 ish. Contact for info.

You seem quite a political thinker in interviews. Drop some science on the current Israel/Palestine situation.

Well, I don’t know the full ins and outs but as far as I can understand after the 2nd world war, the Europeans (who are a bunch of thieving bastards) were dividing up the world between the Russians, the Americans and the British and they gave Palestine to the jews because they’d been persecuted in the war and expected the Palestinians to move out. The Palestinians naturally weren’t really feeling this and tried to get their land back under their control.

The Jews responded by murdering as many of them as possible and have continued to do so since. The rest of the world turns a blind eye because the jewish community controls so much of the worlds finance and business. In the end the jews will lose ‘cause as history has taught us in Ireland, Vietnam, South Africa, when you have nothing left to lose, you don’t give up.

You’ve said we need a revolution. What positive steps could people think about taking to aid the cause?

Firstly by strengthening your family, friends and community immediately around you. To recognize that your friend/cousins/neighbours problem is your problem too. If I eat, you eat. Secondly, to recognize the system don’t work, that all the social ills, homelessness, drugs, failing education system, poverty, sexual violence and abuse etc are all getting worse. Thirdly, by stopping to utilize and communicate with the system as much as possible. If we don’t take part in it there is no

Have you got any shout out’s or plugs you wanna make?

UK hip hop is our voice! Lets use it to say something. Go cop my mother fuckin’ mixtape! Fuck the police!

3 Responses to “Baby J”

  1. Rhyz Says:

    Baby J makes good beats, that FTP album is really nice, I’ll be checking for the next one in October…

  2. flat liner Says:

    the mixtape sounds sick, August 7th – imma catch that!

  3. THE FILM Says:

    I’M A PRODUCER, I read your artilce in hhc sept2006,where can I send my tracks to?.Can you give me any links so I can send my beat cd to artist in the UK, I’m hungry dude what’s up .Trek star muzik