Baby J- For The People Mixtape

July 23rd, 2006

Comprised of over 60 guest vocalists, each dropping just one verse, this release is good stuff, full of many great moments including appearances by Lowkey, Klashnekoff, Poisonous Poets and tons more. The only downside to the release is that the transitions between each track aren’t great, but then considering the number of spots to get through, Baby J didn’t do too bad and is one hell of an ambitious dude.

It’s good to see established and newcomers mixing it together, with chart topper to be Example up amongst the much championed Rodney P and Skinnyman. It’s also really refreshing to see some grime heads get in on the action, mixing it with traditional UK hiphop, as it should be. There’s Jammer, Taz, Wretch 32 and many more.

Whilst probably not suited for a beginning to end listen, this is well worth checking out, merely for the immense number of different rappers involved. All the beats, many familiar, are heavy stuff and whatever type of domestic rap music you’re into, you’re gonna find some of it here.