Stereo Mcs- Sun / Tomorrow Never Knows

July 23rd, 2006

With most releases at the minute aiming to satisfy your summer sun needs, its particularly refreshing to hear something a bit heavier on the production tip, and this is it. ‘Sun’ has a really cool energy about it, comprised of a simple drum beat coated in guitars and electronics. Front-man Rob B drops his unique style of vocals on the top and abrakadabra, you’ve got a very great track on your hands. ‘Tomrrow Never Knows’ is the crew’s new take on the classic Beatles number. Rivaling the Chemical Brother’s version very strongly, this is one not to miss, whether you’re a fan of the Fab 4 or not. It’s a shame this is a download only release, but it’s certainly worth owning in whatever format available, and is a great addition to any MP3 player you’re holding.