Daddy Jaes- Tomorrow’s World Today

April 3rd, 2004

‘Music was my first love and it will be my last’ begins this fourteen track album by Daddy Jaes featuring the vocals of Antidote, Dandy, GenieDon and P.A.C of Cafe Recordings. The production of this product is superb, comprising of a wide variety of sounds and structures. There’s the summer party vibe of ‘Fever’, addictive base of ‘We Can Handle It’, the on point lyricism of ‘Weed’ which humorously borrows from the ‘Three Blind Mice’ nursery rhyme and the quality instrumentation of ‘Impress Me’ which justifies the self belief the title suggests. But that’s not all, it’s all good. The beats are developed, the emcee’s are more than capable and the future is bright. The artwork of dodgy looking fella’s in even more dodgy looking clothes is alright too!