Black Grass- A Hundred Days In One

July 23rd, 2006

Having opened for the likes of Jurassic 5, Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash, you’d think Black Grass AKA Mez, to be one educated DJ when it came to his own releases, and that he is, with this very successful blend of all sorts of sounds including soul, jazz and hiphop. ‘A Hundred Days In One’ has a strong sense of consistency throughout, feeding the listener with lots of moods and paces. It’s clear that Black Grass knows what he’s up to, with a loud sense of maturity about the track listing.

There’s few guest vocals which is handy considering the high class nature of the beats, and the few appearances included are top notch ones. On ‘Oh Jah’, Jah Marnyah delivers a head nodding reggae flavour, whilst Jehst takes us to the UK underground with ‘Lines Of Defence’ and his mate Micall Parknsun gets ‘Down And Dirty’.

Compared to other releases of this sort, this is ahead of most. There’s no feeling of pretense or contrivance about any of it, and the broad nature of the various flavours means it’ll satisfy every type of listener at one point or another. It’s out on Catskills Records now and is well worth your time.