July 18th, 2006


We caught some brief words with Akala, an artist with serious work ethic who’s been grabbig lots of attention of late, to find out about his recent album and new mix CD. Have a read!

How’s life treating you man?

Not too bad!

Tell the readers who you are.

My name is Akala and I’m a 22 year old Hiphop artist from North London.

Run through the main releases you’ve put out in your career.

‘Roll Wid Us’ 1st single with remix produced by Dexplicit featuring Ears, Jammer, Baby Blu and Riko. ‘Bullshit’ which is pretty self explanatory! And now ‘Shakespeare’ which samples the trance smash ‘Loneliness’ by Tom Craft.

How do you think the ‘It’s Not A Rumour’ album was received?

Really well. To be honest, we have had great reviews from a whole host of publications including The Independent, The Times and NME and most importantly, the fan feedback has been really positive.

What are some of the musical vibes people can expect?

Rock Rap basically, with a sprinkling of soul house and funk!

What do you think are some of the best rock/rap mashup’s?

Public Enemy and Anthrax, Run DMC and Aerosmith. I actually really liked ‘Encore’ with Linkin park.

Why did you choose to release it independently as opposed to getting on a major?

I have no problem with majors, it’s just that you must define your artistic identity before you allow any major company to come onboard with your project. You have to allow yourself time to grow as an artist which a major will generally not give you, whereas by being independent you have that freedom.

Has the internet put an end to the days of trying to get signed by a major?

Not really. The majors are still running things but the internet allows the independent the chance to compete more evenly than in other areas.

Tell us what the ‘A Little Darker’ mix CD’s all about.

That CD is a compilation put together by my company Illa State Records featuring myself, my sister and a whole host of the UK’s premiere underground talent. It’s not actually going to be released nationally until early September actually!

How hectic was it organizing over 70 artists?

It was fun to be honest. Everybody was real cool.

What are some of the highlight tracks? Is there a volume 2?

Volume 2? No comment. Personally, my favourite track is ‘Gonna Make It Through’ featuring Selah, Wariko and Ms Dynamite.

What other projects have you got lined up?

Just working on these two right now but watch this space.

How would you describe yourself as a rapper these days?

Hiphop all the way, but I love grime too so I ain’t fussed.

How could both scenes embrace one another a bit more?

Simply by leaving our ego’s and nonsense at home and working together.

Who are some of your favourite artists ?

Jay-z, Common, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Public Enemy.

What websites should people bookmark?


Have yo got any plugs you’d like to drop?

‘It’s Not A Rumour’ in stores now!

4 Responses to “Akala”

  1. Rhyz Says:

    That a little darker mixtape looks awesome, I’ll def check for that…

    Akala’s album is good, a couple of the tracks are a bit too ‘rocky’ for my liking, but I bet he would be good with a live band…

  2. JITEN PATEL Says:

    Yo how can I see Akela in London with a big stereo on his shoulders pumping his new album got to say I like his work ethic DO IT YO SELF! It’s good to see artists putting in that work as one might buy the album rather then bootleg it.


  3. Chiz Says:

    Ive got ur album, lkin forward to your mixtape x

  4. shortcake Says:

    Its not a rumor is a realli gud album and so is freedom lasso which is out now init. lookin forward to the concert xx