YT- Straight Outta Britain

July 12th, 2006

‘Straight Outta Britain’ is a really confident and well produced release with a quality reggae flavour that gives a respectful nod to the genres history whilst also sounding fresh and contemporary. There’s a nice range of tracks, from typical reggae jams for you to sway your hips and jerk your neck to, to more energetic numbers. Whatever your fancy, all the material here is in great time for the suprisingly warm UK summer.

It’s kinda strange that a bloke called Mark Hull from East Anglia has put out a release with such a strong Jamaican accent, but that’s the only obvious blip, and will only matter to listeners of a particularly picky nature. If you’ve always thought you were a reggae head but actually only own a Bob Marley greatest hits CD, why not start sorting yourself out with this homegrown picking?

One Response to “YT- Straight Outta Britain”

  1. originalbungy Says:

    Just a thought but it has taken an English man to give us a history lesson on how the reggae music we so love in Britain once made an impact on our lives…England Story has to be one of the best recollection’s if ever we needed reminding. Indeed we need those days back…