Mystro- Music Mystro

April 27th, 2004

This thirteen track CD, containing all the songs from the vinyl release of the EP plus a couple of bonuses, showcases yet another talent from the Low Life Records camp. Featuring production by Braintax, Harry Love and Rawdog, it’s bold. Full of punch lines, entertaining skits and stomping party jams, it’s surely got to be considered as one of the best album releases of the year so far. Stand out tracks, not that there are many stand back moments, include ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Free The Walls’ featuring vocals by the captain of Low Life, Mr Tax. What’s nice about this product is that it’s dripping with personality and appeal. The beats are all of top notch quality, remaining varied at the same time. There’s your typical UK hiphop esc sounds as well as some more adventurous and original moments. If there’s anything negative to be said, it’s that the intro, or as its spelt here ‘Instro’ is over two minutes long and contains no vocals besides from scattered scratches and studio adlibs. I’d favour an extra track over it any day, because as a whole, the album leaves me nothing short of hungry for more!