Headnod Records Closes

July 10th, 2006

It is with great sadness that we hear Headnod Records, both the online store and physical shop, is to close its doors this month. For the past three years, Headnod has been a much loved part of the UK hiphop scene, providing a great range of records at nice prices and no postage charge. Producer and Filthy Habits Records owner Wyt-Fang, aside from being a very nice chap and internet forum entertainer, has been a great support to Rapnews over the years, sending us lots of promo’s and all that jazz. He’s one of the few genuinely positive forces about in this here thing we call UK hiphop, and we wish him and the Headnod fam’ all the best in whatever new projects we’re sure he’s already planning. The closing down sale begins on the 15th of July. Make sure you attend and pat him on the back. Mark, we salute ya!

One Response to “Headnod Records Closes”

  1. Wytfangled Says:

    Thanks allot tony,it means allot mate.

    Props to the mans dem (you know who you is)